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Pélagie Gbaguidi was born in Dakar, 1965,
of Benin origin. She graduated from ‘l'École des Beaux Arts’ Liège, Belgium in 1995.
She lives and works
in Belgium to date. Currently, she manipulates the misuse
of history, the deconstruction of stereotypes, myths as open spaces and the
new landscapes of a
global world.



Upcoming Exhibitions

Le Manoir de la Ville de Martigny
Museum Group Show
10 june – 18 september 2016
Dakar – Martigny
Hommage à la Biennale d’art contemporain

Musac Museo de Arte Contemporanéo de Castilla y Leon
El Iris De Lucy
Group Show
30 January – 12 june 2016

A video of the exhibtion Lucy's Iris can be found here:
Lucy's Iris

Musée départemental d’Art Contemporain Rochechouart
El Iris De Lucy
Group Show
July – December 2016

Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno CAAMtCAAMro
Atlántico de Arte
Gran Canaria
El Iris De Lucy
Group Show
January – June 2017

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair London
October 6–9, 2016 .
Somerset House, South Wing
Sulger-Buel-Lovell Gallery

The exhibition is also featured in Spanish TV cultural program Metropolis:
RTVE Metropolis

Acte Memorial Museum in Guadeloupe
Inauguration 9/10 May 2015
Acquisition Series Code Noir 100 drawings by the Museum

Visit the website of the Guadeloupe Islands for more information

Traces de Femmes , ici & demain
Villa des Arts de Casablanca
14 mars 2013 à 19h00
e titre d’une pièce «Mon père n’est pas encore né». Comme un fil rouge, cet énoncé a donné lieu à une série de gravures dont le personnage récurrent est une femme en posture observatrice, actrice en marche vers des horizons à géométrie variable. Contemporaine ou hors champs, elle s’impose avec force et interrogation.

Asylum at the Stadtmuseum
Münchner Stadtmuseum
17 October 2013 - end of 2014
African puppets in an artistic installation by Pélagie Gbaguidi and Stefanie Oberhoff. 50 African puppets from the Puppet Theatre/Fairground Art collection –  originating mainly from Mali and Nigeria –  will be on show for the first time. The aesthetic and political backgrounds of these puppets provide the starting point for a process of reflection initiated by the two artist-curators Pélagie Gbaguidi (Senegal/Belgium) and Stefanie Oberhoff (Stuttgart) who will also address issues relating to the presence of these objects in a European collection. Further information in german and french can be downloaded here:

German translation
French translation

Alternatively visit the website of the Stadtmuseum

Divine Comedy:
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory Revisited by Contemporary African Artists
MMK Museum für Mordern Kunst
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
21 March –  27 July 2014
In "The Divine Comedy: Heaven, Hell, Purgatory revisited by Contemporary African Artists", the MMK will serve as a stage for Dante’s Divine Commedy on 4,500 square metres of exhibition space. In this early fourteenth-century epic, which combines central notions of Christianity with religious concepts of antiquity, the Italian poet Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) explores theological, philosophical and moral issues which have lost nothing of their social and political topicality to this day. His work forms the foundation for the exhibition developed by curator Simon Njami in cooperation with the MMK and to be presented subsequently at four further venues worldwide.

SCAD Museum of Art
September-Dezember 2014

Ca’ Foscari
Venice, Italy
Juni–November 2015